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Web Development Liverpool

Websites are the largest platform to deliver the brand’s message to an audience. It’s the place people go to buy your products, hear your message and see your credibility. It’s an experience for your customer, where style and substance must be perfectly balanced. At Harry, Larry & Gary, we provide specialist web development in Liverpool and across the United Kingdom.


Understanding the User

The start of all of our website projects is the same, no matter how big or small. Before anything else we need to understand the user.
The user is the person who we are building the website for. They are the people we’re hoping to inform, share our story with, or sell to.

This means getting to grips with your business and understanding who will be using your website, and what the main purpose of the website will be.

These findings help us to create a fluid user experience to help get your customers where they need to be, as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping to create better user retention on your site and create sales and engagement.


Wireframes & Planning

Once we understand the purpose of the site we can begin wireframing. This involves creating rough mockups of how each page may be laid out, where all the content could sit on each page, and what the user journey around the website will look like.

This leaves us with a solid foundation to design the website around.


The Design

We will work with your brand in mind to design a website that is unique to you, that works well for your customer and that conveys your brand message to the world.

This part of the process is usually worked on with regular contact with the client to ensure the design is always exceeding their expectations.


Web Development

Once the design has been fully signed off and the client is delighted with the work completed so far, we will move onto the development process.

Our developers are fluent in a number of coding languages, giving us the knowledge we need to solve a wide range of problems.

All of our websites are rigorously tested and troubleshooted by our team before launch, and with every website job we offer a bug fix period where we are on call whenever you need us to solve any bugs you might experience on your site.


How we use WordPress CMS

All of our websites are built with WordPress CMS at their core. This doesn’t mean we use pre-made themes or pre-existing code in your website. All of our sites are built from the ground up, completely bespoke to each client.

We use WordPress as our content management system because it is a very well-known and well-regarded CMS, making it super easy for clients to log in and update content with very little learning to do.

Even our small budget websites are built with WordPress at their core, this means that if the current budget doesn’t allow for any editability to be built in on the initial job, we have the base we need to make areas more editable in the future.


Putting your Site Live

Once your website has been built and thoroughly tested, it’s time to go live.

But don’t worry, we handle all of the behind the scenes stuff for you.

This includes helping you to source domain names, purchase hosting and set up your SSL certificate.

We will then upload your new website to the hosting server of your choice and ensure everything is working the way it should be, including your security certificate.


Why Are Professional Web Design Services So Important In Branding?

A professional web design service offers a huge range of benefits to your business’ branding efforts. Web design is the cornerstone of any branding strategy, as it enables customers to connect with your business on an emotional level.

Effective web design also helps customers to find out more about your brand, allowing them to make a more informed decision when choosing which company they should invest in.

The quality of your website also helps your company to stand out from the competition by providing a unique and engaging online experience that customers won’t forget.

Here at Harry, Larry & Gary, our specialist web development team have many years’ experience when it comes to creating websites that help your business to stand out from the crowd.

We use a combination of cutting-edge design techniques, digital marketing and search engine optimisation strategies, making sure that your website is both pleasing to look at and easy for customers to find.

How Can A Modern Website Boost Your Business?

If you want your business to look and feel like a modern business, you need to make sure your website is up to date.

In today’s digital world, it’s more important than ever that your online presence is an accurate representation of your brand, and that your web design is easily-accessible and user-friendly on a wide range of devices.

Simple, static websites are rarely enough to make your business stand out. Today, your online presence needs to be unique, user-friendly and stick in your user’s mind, without being too complicated, busy or overwhelming.

Here at Harry, Larry & Gary, our team of web designers and web developers work with you to create a website that truly represents your business, your brand and appeals to your target audience. We create beautiful websites for local businesses and international corporations, helping you to appeal to more customers, and use your online presence as a sales tool for your business.

Thanks to our modern web design services, combined with search engine optimisation friendly development, our website designers will create a fully-responsive, visually-appealing online platform that truly represents your business and connects with your users.

What Are The Benefits Of Liverpool Web Design?

A professional web design project from the team at Harry, Larry and Gary offers a wide range of benefits to businesses of all kinds. As the leading Liverpool web design team, we can work with you to create a truly unique online presence that offers a wide range of benefits, such as:

– Increased visibility for your website on major search engines, such as Google and Bing.

– Stylish, intuitive design that is tailored to your branding needs.

– Customised content management systems that make it easy to edit and manage your web projects.

– Improved user experience, thanks to our intuitive navigation options and UX design

– Increased sales, thanks to our optimised customer journey approach.

– Improved customer loyalty and brand recognition from our modern Web Development techniques.

For more information, including practical evidence of the benefits that professional web design in Liverpool can provide, don’t hesitate to check out some of our latest projects, or get in touch with our friendly digital agency today.

What Makes A Great Business Website Design?

Web design isn’t a one-size fits all solution. Each business or individual should have an online presence that truly reflects them, their identity and their brand. Saying that, there are a few key features that your business’ web design should rely on as a framework.

Some of the universal features which make a great website for businesses in Liverpool and elsewhere in the UK include:

– Intuitive navigation to help your user move around the site.

– Engaging visuals that are on brand with your identity.

– Easy to access contact information, including email, telephone number and a simple contact form.

– Clear, easy-to-read content that informs and educates your user.

– Responsive web design that works on any device, from mobile to desktop.

– A well-designed website can make all the difference to your business, whether you’re selling online, informing your users about your services or even trying to rank in Google, Bing and other search engines.

If you’re looking for simple, user-friendly website development in Liverpool, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

Why Is Harry, Larry & Gary The Web Design Agency For Me?

Here at Harry, Larry & Gary, we offer a complete web development package, offering everything from custom-tailored website development to unforgettable branding and traditional print design. Our knowledgeable team have an unbeatable eye for design, including photography and animation design services, meaning that nothing is too much trouble for our clients.
As a unique design company in the heart of Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle, we work closely with our clients to deliver everything from the perfect website and web services to traditional advertising campaigns.

If you’re looking for comprehensive support from a great team with extensive experience in digital services, print media and business branding, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

How Can I Make Sure My Website Is User-Friendly?

It can be extremely difficult to know if your website is user-friendly, particularly if it’s a site you’re familiar with. One simple way of testing out your site’s user-experience (UX), is to ask a friend or family member to test it out and provide feedback.

Alternatively, there are plenty of online tools which can help you to understand how your website works and how user-friendly it might be, such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool. This free service will crawl your site and show any changes that need to be made in order for it to load faster and improve UX.

Alternatively, you can get in touch with a specialist web developer or web design agency. For example, here at Harry, Larry & Gary, we’re experts when it comes to creating user-friendly websites, designed to appeal to your target audience and be easily accessed on a wide range of devices.

What Is A Brochure Website?

A brochure website is a type of website that is designed to highlight and promote a company’s products or services. Brochure websites typically include information about the business, their history, contact details and often showcase some of the products or services they offer.

If you’re an offline business, or even a service-based business, a brochure site can be a great way of engaging with potential customers and expanding the reach of your brand.

Our experienced team build websites to help put your business and your services in front of your potential customers, generate leads and offer great communication capabilities to suit your needs.

What Is An eCommerce Website?

An eCommerce website is a type of website that allows customers to purchase products and services directly from the site. eCommerce websites are integrated with payment systems, shopping carts and secure customer checkout processes, allowing businesses to take payments online safely and securely.

If you run a fully online business, eCommerce platforms are absolutely essential, allowing you to take orders, answer queries and even sell your products directly.

Can Harry, Larry & Gary Upgrade My Existing Website?

Yes, we can! Whether your current website is a WordPress site, Shopify site or any other form of CMS, our specialist web design agency can provide a complete overhaul of your existing design.

We can modernise websites of any kind, ensuring it is completely responsive, fast-loading and offers a great user experience on all kinds of devices.

Does Harry, Larry & Gary Offer Long-Term Hosting & Website Maintenance?

Yes, we do! Our Liverpool web design team can provide affordable hosting options on reliable servers across the UK to ensure that your site has consistent up-time, is regularly backed up and even helps to keep your hosting costs low.

What’s more, we can also provide a reliable service and ongoing support to ensure that your new site stays up-to-date, online and that no issues develop as your CMS or site plugins require updating.