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SUBU Connect

SUBU Connect is an online platform that connects buyers, suppliers and intermediaries across global food markets.

Our client was in the process of pitching this model to potential users when he approached us. He needed a succinct animation to outline what SUBU Connect is, how it operates and why it works.

First, their business plan needed distilling into verbal clarity. Our copywriter worked closely with their founder on a script summarising SUBU Connect’s model and direction. Then drawing off their existing branding, our in-house animator imagined a visual journey that brought these words to life.

Motion & Animation.

This company spanned between Ireland and Dubai, so it was of the utmost importance to us to clearly communicate concepts in a way that would translate well across language barriers. We opted for simple yet effective geometric motifs, no text and an Irish voiceover that could easily be redubbed into other languages.

Overall, this project encapsulated the breadth of talents across our team for a functional, striking and professional end product.