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Motion & Animation

Motion and animation help bring your brand to life, creating more engagement with your audience. In our fast-paced digital world you’re always trying to catch the attention of your audience as quickly as possible, sometimes in a matter of seconds. We believe motion and animation is a pivotal tool that can achieve that for your brand.



All of our motion projects will start with a storyboard. This process involves using thumbnails to map out how each frame will look to give you an idea of the flow of the animation or video.

This process is crucial as creating an animation is time consuming and without a clear storyboard you can easily lose track of where the motion needs to go next.


Video Editing

We offer video editing as one of our services. This can be cropping down existing footage to make it suitable for social media, adding music if for instance the video is a promotional advert, or adding animations such as introduction effects and branding flourishes.



We can use animation to bring illustrations to life, to bring motion to your new logo and branding, or to create full length promotional videos.

Our team have years of experience in industry standard programmes and have all the toold and skill required to bring your ideas to life.