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Selkie is a tour operator / co-ordinator based in Oban, Scotland. His tours take people on land and sea adventures stopping of at the key attractions and sights that Scotland has to offer.

A Selkie is a mythical creature that’s half human, half seal and is famous in Scottish folk lore. We thought this land and sea hybrid was a perfect metaphor for the service the company offers and thus, the name Selkie was chosen. The logo features a custom font, with a stylised seal tail creating the top arm of the K.

Branding. Motion & Animation. Print Design. Website.

Brand development

We chose a colourful palette to help bring a playful side to the brand, after all, everyone loves going on holiday, so the feel of the brand should give the same energy.

The colours we chose were inspired by images of Scotland, the green highlands, blue oceans and orange sunsets.